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Keheng participated in the 3-meter high machine A corps and appeared in Wuxi Vientiane City

1: 1 Studio is a professional design team for hard core mecha in China. Keheng had the honor to participate in the production of one of the most sophisticated sci-fi mecha corps projects.

▲ Machine A Corps (part)

During the National Day, this group of sci-fi machine legions participated by Keheng appeared in the "Funny Competition Model Exhibition" section of the "Tidal Play General Mobilization" activity in MIXC, Wuxi, Jiangsu.

▲ Official posters (part)

Nearly 3m high mecha stands in the mall, adding a hint of future sci-fi color to the mall.

It is the National Day holiday, and the mecha corps seems to be the soldiers waiting for us, guarding the land and protecting our lives.

▲ Site photos

▲ Site photos

▲ Site photos

The road to production

Dongguan, Guangdong - Wuxi, Jiangsu, covers more than 1000 kilometers, weighs about 400 kg, and is as high as 2.9 meters. When standing, the mecha is powerful and domineering. However, in the transportation link, the weight and height of the mecha become a problem. However, Keheng team took this issue into consideration at the early stage of production.

Keheng team, relying on rich experience, designed a steel structure inside the robot, which can not only enable the robot to stand, but also enable each component to be disassembled. At the same time, it is designed in combination with the assembly sequence of the robot components, which are linked in one go. Finally, it created a highly ornamental mecha corps.


▲ Three dimensional drawing of machine A parts


▲ Machine A parts

Finally, welcome friends from Wuxi to Vientiane City during the National Day to watch the machine armour corps made by 3D printing technology, and feel the charm of 3D printing products closely.

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