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Details become the most powerful manifestation of product or service quality


Provide customers with the highest quality whole industry chain service of added and reduced materials

3D printing technology service

Stereolithography (SLA)

Laser Selective Melting (SLM)

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Multi jet melting technology (MJF)

Research and development of 3D printing equipment

Serialized quasi industrial equipment

28 technical patents and software copyrights

SLA3D printer

DLP3D Printer

Ceramic 3D printer

Product design service

Product Industrial Design

Structural optimization of geometric model

Building complex structures

Additive manufacturing enabling products

Development and design direction

DFAM design optimization

CNC machining service

Five axis NC machining



Die finishing

Product injection molding

Compound membrane

Research and development of 3D printing consumables

Various 3D printing supplies

Various 3D printing supplies

Products corresponding to different performances

Satisfy users in cost, accuracy and strength

Degree, stability and other requirements

Intelligent factory

Digital and intelligent advanced management mode for discrete manufacturing enterprises

  • automation


    Automatic quotation, trigger abnormal automatic response

  • Intelligence


    Collaborative production, intelligent whole process

  • visualization


    Real time recording and synchronous updating of analysis data

  • Integration


    ERP, MES, deep integration with the platform

Intelligent factory


Precision medicine

Industrial manufacturing

Automobile manufacturing

3C Electronics

Mold manufacturing

Cultural creativity

product design

panel beating

Assembly Set

Parts manufacturing

Sample validation

Mold injection

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Material system

Provide printing services for various types of materials to fully meet the market demand

White standard resin

Applicable to general assembly


Black resin

Suitable for rugged parts

High toughness and high temperature resistance

High toughness resin

Applicable to general assembly

High thermal stability and strength

High temperature resistant resin

Parts applicable to high temperature requirements

High thermal stability

Transparent resin

Applicable to transparent parts

Strong waterproof and stable

High fine resin

Suitable for precision parts

High precision and high temperature resistance

Nylon PA11

Applicable to functional components with high requirements on stiffness and hardness

Impact resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature resistance

Nylon PA12

Applicable to models with requirements for temperature and strength

Good toughness, high strength and advanced frosting feeling

White nylon

Medical equipment applicable to small and medium-sized biological adaptability standards

High hardness, good toughness, high rigidity and low warpage

Polypropylene like PP

It is applicable to the product prototype with bending characteristics

Excellent hardness, toughness, impact resistance, elongation and flexibility

Nylon glass fiber

It is applicable to the production of functional parts of precision instruments,

Small water absorption, impact resistance and good resistance


Applicable to products requiring flexibility

Free deformation, high mechanical strength, outstanding shock absorption performance

aluminium alloy

Applicable to all major fields

Light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance

Stainless steel 316L

Applicable to corrosion resistant parts

Corrosion resistance, high ductility

Die steel

Applicable to mechanical mold manufacturing

High hardness, high hardenability and thermal fatigue resistance

titanium alloy

Applicable to orthopedic surgery assistance and bone replacement

High strength and good biocompatibility

tungsten alloy

Suitable for radiation protection products or high temperature resistant products

High melting point, high hardness and high density

copper alloy

Applicable to military communication field

Good thermal conductivity and small specific heat capacity

3D Printing Process

Five production and R&D centers with extensive process coverage

SLA light curing technology

Applicable fields: automobile manufacturing, prototype,

Industrial design model, sculpture, etc

HP MJF Multi jet Melting Technology

Applicable fields: automobile manufacturing, sports medical rehabilitation protectors,

Electronic appliances, electric tools and other small batch products

SLM laser selective melting technology

Applicable fields: automobile, civil products, military, aerospace and other terminal mass production

SLS laser selective sintering technology

Applicable fields: automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, electric

Tools and other small batch products

DLP digital light projection technology (self-developed)

Applicable fields: Tidy Play Manual, Medical Dental Models,

Surgical guide, handicraft, toys, etc

Ceramic printing technology (self-developed)

Applicable fields: jewelry and luxury goods, biomedicine, electronic industry, etc

3D printing technology service

Provide standardized processes for customers

Planning, scheduling and management

Information sharing, scientific scheduling and collaborative work

Production tracking, quality control and loss reduction

Production tracking and quality control

Equipment status monitoring

Real time feedback of online monitoring data acquisition

Clarify requirements

Online quotation

place order

Reasonable production scheduling

Whole process monitoring

Analysis and traceability

Order delivery

Quality inspection







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