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The "Hard Bones" mission was successfully completed! The speed of 3D printing is very fast in Dongguan

You know what?

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,

In adition to the "top flow" Bing Dwen Dwen,

Another "hard core" product comes from Dongguan——

Helmets for snowmobile athletes.

At the Winter Olympics,

Many athletes shine brightly,

This is inseparable from the athletes' own efforts,

It is also inseparable from the upgrading of sports equipment.

The research team in Dongguan uses 3D printing technology,

Overcome problems in a short time,

Create high-end customized snowmobile helmets for national athletes.

How powerful is the helmet made by 3D printing?

Today, this team will tell you.



"Hard Core Partner"

Applying Theory to Actual Scenarios

In 2021, Mauricio Lucero, a postdoctoral student in mathematics from Brazil

When I came to Dongguan Institute of Technology, I became one of the countless foreigners who came to work and live in Dongguan.

"I think the city wants to continue

The young people they study are very attractive. "

In Dongguan Institute of Technology,

Mauricio continued his research on the application of algorithms.

Provided by the government and universities

Preferential policies, living security, etc,

Let him say "I don't need more".

Li Nan, Associate Professor of Dongguan Institute of Technology

Mauricio's research partner,

Both of them and the whole team are committed to

Apply to the actual scene,

Carry out application research on 3D printing technology.

The snowmobile helmet is one of the best results.



"Our country's high-end sports equipment

Most of them come from foreign brands,

I wonder if I can make a breakthrough with 3D printing technology. "

After testing dozens of lattice structures,

Li Nan's team has determined the current support and impact resistance effects

The best triangular lattice.

However, with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at that time, there was little time left for research, and it was almost impossible to complete the production of helmets.


"Dongguan speed"

Make the impossible possible.

It is because of Dongguan that the impossible becomes possible.

Complete peripheral facilities,

Let the team complete the mold quickly;

Rich expert resources to provide professional guidance for the team.

Good external environment plus our own hard strength,

Li Nan's team successfully completed the task of snowmobile helmet.

Once again,

Dongguan is an excellent city where theory can be quickly applied to practice.


In addition to intensive scientific research,

Mauricio, Li Nan and other Chinese and foreign experts in Dongguan work and rest together

——Exhibition, dragon boat riding, mountain and water sightseeing

Feel the rich cultural life in Dongguan.

Keheng 3D Printing · Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing

Today, the last episode of the video series "The Hard Core Partner of 3D Printing" was released to learn how Dongguan, a 3D printing research team, can customize high-end snowmobile helmets for the 2022 Winter Olympics and make dreams come true quickly in Dongguan.

Source: Dongguan Publishing editor: Yuan Bijun

Checked by: Li Xiuying Edited by: Lin Wenle

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